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Nine digital Solutions is here to draw in you to fly in the space of online retail with its indexing and Listing Services for Shopclues recording associations , a champion among other online marketplace in India. As the standard provider of framework favored edge in India we have the quality, experience and learning of how Shopclues limits and a colossal thought with respect to what online purchasers expect of web thing shippers. We are pariah pro relationship for Shopclues affiliations (Listing and cataloging).Nine Digital Solutions has set a benchmark in posting and recording of Products on shopclues Boost Services. Our technique on mean has right degrees of capacities to help each and every one of your essential related with content creation for everything; we do everything that slants your business to reach and keep up in the best position.

What we do:

In case you convey to the table on Shopclues then we help you to manage your record. Our parties of Experts handle your record on online business focus; we do following things while dealing with your Shopclues Seller account:

1. Account Creation:

we influence your new seller to account on shopclues Marketplace.

2. Brand approval:

we send demand to shopclues for your brand (trademark , reinforce Letter) guaranteeing.

3. Listing & cataloging:

We list your thing on trader account neighboring white establishment pictures (1100x1100). Breaker sensible Description that is identified with your things.

4. Promotion:

After more than 3 stages are done then we move towards development part, in which we consolidate watchwords concerning your things in regard of (size and tones). Run paid campaigns and perceives all offers (kept time hones) started by business focuses.

5. Price Management:

We help seller in the event that they are oblivious about the correct regard i.e is identified with shipment charges and distinctive charges and how to save exchange out your record

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